Winter Events in Pictures

A sheep in a frosty field in Somerset, England

A sheep in Somerset, England, where temperatures are set to fall as low -9C, giving many parts of the UK their coldest nights in weeks.

A roadside barber shaves a man in Jammu, India

A chilly morning in Jammu, India, did not stop this man from getting his shave from a roadside barber.
A girl warms herself near a hot water geyser in Sapareva Banya, Bulgaria, south of the capital, Sofia.

Calgary, Alberta

Lorne Thompson sent this picture of Grey Partridge trying to keep warm in his backyard in Calgary, Alberta.
Prince Edward Island

Steve Joicey of Prince Edward Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, sent this picture of his Christmas wreath, looking a lot more festive for all the extra snow.


Zornitsa Staneva captured this festive scene in Prince Arthur Street near the intersection with St-Laurent boulevard in Montreal, Quebec.


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