10 Most Crazy Photos

After Hurricane Katrina, some New Orleans property became very affordable

In photography, wrinkles are a fun thing. Its not so much about the speed bump type of wrinkles that show up on your face, but the idea of throwing a new one into the mix. (Pics)
Going on interviews as a dog is always awkward because its so tough to know what to wear
LSD-era furniture was always trippy
Me thinks he’s at the wrong Olympics
Wait, what! Isn’t insane obesity a crime? Shouldn’t you be fighting that, Spiderman?
Corporate fat cats only wish they could be this cuddly

TSA’s new recommended apparel for airport screening
Goats who stare at men
Hmmm. Maybe this wasn’t such a good day to plan the driving school graduation party
He was secretly hoping women would see him for who he was
With this group, when you were officially voted off the island, it didn’t take long
Once again his wife lost her keys in a truly bizarre place
Obviously the dryer sheets didn’t get this little wrinkle out of his clothing
Many time the laws of attraction come with strings attached.
You may already know who I’m talking about
The government’s new jobs program get failing grades when it comes to creating meaningful work

He had what industry experts referred to as a “practice face”
Lean-to friends
On exactly what planet did they think this would be a good idea?
There is a reason why guys love to watch women’s tennis


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