Crazy family of eight travel from A to B on just TWO wheels

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Gillette Razor Zamboni Ad Campaign

Inspirational Photo Manipulation by Erik Johansson

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Holly Palmer has designed this unique stool that looks like a giant tea cup.

17 Unusual and Creative Mailboxes

Awesome and Funny designs that will spice up any neighborhood.
Star Wars R2-D2 Mailbox
In honor of Star Wars 30th anniversary, U.S. Postal Service has placed special “R2-D2″ mailboxes around the country.
Tugboat Mailbox
Located along the South side of Kings Row in Port Maitland. The actual mailbox is homemade and welded inside the pipe.
Hammer Mailbox
Giraffe Mailbox
This creative mailbox belongs to someone in upstate New York.
Apple Power Mac G4 Mailbox
Old G4 tower has been converted into a mailbox in Auckland, NZ.
Thomas Train Mailbox
Beautiful train mailbox design from El Dorado Hills, CA.
Microwave Mailbox
Creative mailbox near Alliance, NE, home of the Hoopers.
Log Cabin Mailbox
Mailbox made from real logs with integrated newspaper holder.
Turtle Mailbox
Gun Mailbox
Located out on Route 52, west of Fosterburg, IL.
Beer Keg Mailbox
Standard metal mailbox inside the keg.
Front End Loader Mailbox
Cool mailbox design located somewhere in the Denver area.
Motorcycle Mailbox
Nikon Camera Mailbox
Located in Model City, along the 104, you can find this interesting mailbox out front of a residence
Grass Shack Mailbox
Blue Lady Mailbox
Unusual mailbox design located somewhere in Miami.

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