The Dangerous Snakes on Earth

Fearing snakes is more than a phobia. Deadly snakes are a reality. Their environments include land as well as the ocean. The sea snake evolved from the Australian land snake and is closely related to the cobra. It is a venomous reptile that lives in warm waters and tropical areas, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific.

Their venom is one of the most powerful neurotoxins in the world. The bite is painless but symptoms such as spasms, stiffness and even respiratory paralysis occur within an hour. Although they won’t attack unless provoked, their poison is more potent than that of land snakes. However, they can become more aggressive in the mating season.
Rattlesnakes are native to the desert areas of the Americas. There are many species of rattlesnakes but their common trait is the rattles in their tails that are used to warn enemies. The reason why they are so deadly is the speed with which they can attack, which is often underestimated by victims, and the effects of their venom. The hemotoxic poison destroys tissue and degenerates organs. Some species have neurotoxic venom. This causes the nervous system to shut down. Both are fatal if left untreated.
The Inland Taipan is considered to be the most venomous snake of all. It lives in the dry plains of Australia. The toxicity of its venom has the potential to kill a human in less than 45 minutes. Luckily, this snake is shy and reclusive and there is anti-venom available.
However, the most venomous snake in the world is not necessarily the most dangerous. The Sri Lankan Russell’s Viper is more dangerous mainly because of the fact that Sri Lanka doesn’t manufacture an anti-venom for this species. This results in many fatalities.


Craziest Dog get into a difficult situation

People believe that dogs are smart. But this one was stupid enough to get into a difficult situation.


Cool and Craziest Concept Hats

Mmmm... Cheesy!
At the Royal Ascot annual horse races in England, a woman wears a hat shaped like a platter of blue cheese and grapes. Think this hat is insane? Scroll down the gallery for other weird ones..

King Kong Would Love This One
A model wears a felt hat shaped like a gorilla's hand.
Gooooooaaaal! Royal Ascot 2004
Yep, the Sink's in There Too: Royal Ascot '08
Just Say Neigh: Royal Ascot 2007
Someone Is Very Patriotic... Royal Ascot 2007
Guess Who's the Butt of the Joke: Royal Ascot '07
The Race Is On! Royal Ascot '06
Head Stands: Royal Ascot '06
We Bet This One Got a Great Reception: Royal Ascot 1992
All That Jazz
A model displays her headwear on the runway at the Basso & Brooke fashion show at London Fashion Week.
A Hat of Note
A model displays her headwear on the runway at the Basso & Brooke fashion show at London

How Dainty! Watercress Sandwiches, Royal Ascot '06


Oman Builds World’s Wonderful and Largest Marble Mosaic

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s accession to the throne of Oman, his subjects commissioned the world’s largest marble mosaic.

The people of Oman consider Sultan Qaboos bin Said is considered responsible for the kingdom’s prosperity, so they decided to honor the anniversary of his rule by making a unique mosaic portrait. Measuring a staggering 8.30 meters in length and 5.30 meters in width, the spectacular masterpiece depicts the sultan in a position that best captures His Majesty’s humbleness. As the sultan rarely makes public appearances, the 15 artists who worked on the project had only a photograph, taken by his private photographer, to work with.

Apart from its size, the world’s largest marble mosaic impresses through the fact that it’s made up of 128,274 individual marble pieces, using 90 natural shades of marble mined from the mountains and sea beds of Oman. Blocks of marble were meticulously chosen and mined exclusively for the project.

The team of 15 artists from the UK and Bahrain spent around 120 days carefully placing each tile in the intricate mosaic, working an exhausting 12 hours a day. The face of the sultan is incredibly detailed, and his mustache and beard are made from the sultan’s favorite stone, brought all the way from Italy. The face alone took the artists 40 days to complete.


10 Amazing Roads on Earth

A great way to escapes, even if just for an hour or two, is to hop in the car and go for a drive... roll down the windows, let your hair blow in the wind and leave all of your troubles behind. Better yet, grab a friend and hit the open road! We are about to embark on a journey that takes us around the world, from the wild and wacky to the white knuckled, our journey is going to take us all the way from the world's shortest street straight through to The Road of Death. So, if you think you can handle it grab your GPS, gather your nerves and get ready for the ride of your life as we explore ten of the worlds craziest roads!

1. Ebenezer Place – Scotland
With just one address on the street (No 1) Ebenezer Place, in Wick, Caithness, Scotland was awarded the Guinness Book of Records title for the Worlds Shortest Street. This tiny little street measures in at a measly 2.06m or six feet and 9 inches. Better, make sure you don’t blink or it just might
pass you by!

2. Yonge St – Ontario, Canada
Looking for something a bit longer? We it looks like we have found it. Measuring in at an astonishing 1,896 km or approximately 1178.12 miles, Yonge St. was at one time awarded the title of the world's longest street in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yonge St. is the main road that runs between two major lakes in Ontario Canada, Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe. This remarkable street runs all the way from the United States Minnesota border and wanders along Highway 11 all the way to the lakeshores of Toronto. To think about the distance in another way; this one street is long enough to run from San Diego, California, to Seattle, Washington.

3. Col de Turini - France
Looking for the scenic route with an adrenaline rush to boot? Well look no further then the Col de Turini in France. Situated more than 1 mile above sea level near the Italy-France border, The Col De Turini is one of the more famed roads that winds through the Alps. This gem has been a stage in the Monte Carlo Rally, a part of the Tour De France and listed as one of the best driving roads by the show Top Gear. What makes this road so special? Well how about this: it is 1607m high and starts with a stunning series of hairpin turns that wind the driver down into a gorge surrounded by awesome scenery – a wild river on the left, and a steep rock wall on the right. While all the hairpin turns might be nerve-racking to even the best drivers the beauty of the Alps and all its natural scenery make this drive well worth it!

4. Spreuerhofstraße – Germany
Feeling a claustrophobic? So are we after visiting the Spreuerhofstraße in
Germany, which has a tiny or should I say narrow claim to fame. It is the home to Spreuerhofstraße the world’s narrowest street! This slender little road ranges from 20 inches to a measly 12 inches in width! You can find this road listed officially in the land-registry as City Street no. 77.

5. 9 de Julio Avenue – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Need more room to roam after the Spreuerhofstraße? Well how about 9 de Julio Avenue, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The day Argentina gained its independence the locals celebrated in a big way… with a big street! They named their main street in downtown Buenos Aires, 9 de Julio. Now, this is not just some ordinary street. This street is a whopping nine lanes wide with landscaped gardens for medians making this the widest street in the world. Bet your not feeling claustrophobic anymore… are you?

6. White Rim Trail, Utah, USA
So, you liked the adrenaline from the Col de Turini, but you are looking for something a bit more rugged? Well have we got the road for you! Nestled in the Canyonlands National Park in Utah, White Rim Road is 103 miles of rugged twists and turns that wind down into the very bottom of the canyon its self. Not only is this a beautiful ride it is down right dangerous. So bring your 4X4, plenty of water and make sure you have on your head screwed on straight - this is one heck of a challenge, but we promise you won't regret it!

7. Lombard St - San Francisco, USA
OK, you liked all those twists and turns, but are ready to be back on the paved road, so it looks like Lombard St. in San Francisco is for you. This street is the winner for the world’s most crooked street. OK, so only about a quarter of a mile of this street (between Hyde and Leavenworth) zig and zag this way and that way, but this is no accident. This section of Lambard St. is at a 27% gradient, which makes it difficult for cars and pedestrians alike; hence the zig-zag section with a 5 mph speed limit makes it manageable.

8. Stelvio Pass - Italy
Lombard St didn’t have enough of a wow factor for you? Well that's OK, come on over to Stelvio Pass in Italy. Located in the Eastern Alps this road was originally built between 1820-1825 and has changed very little over time. The Stelvio Pass Road connects the Valtellina with Merano and the upper Adige valley. At 1.7 miles above sea level with 48 white-knuckle hair pin turns this road is nothing but challenging. With some steep inclines and tight squeezes at a height of 2757 meters, this stunner is the second highest paved road in the Alps; so one thing is to be for certain - the views are breathtaking and the drive is challenging.

9. The Road to Hana - Maui, USA
Ready to come back down to sea level? Well there's no better place to do it then Hawaii! Jungles and waterfalls line the road to Hana, and the views are killer! Well, maybe we should have picked a different word. After all, to get to Hana you will need to travel 52 miles of cliffhanging winding roads with some 600 twists and turns that include narrow bridges (50 of them) and blind curves. If that is not enough so scare you off in some places it is only wide enough for one small car at a time! This is one white-knuckle beauty that is sure to please with a great big dose of adrenaline and lush jungle and ocean views to boot.

10. The Road of Death - Bolivia
OK, so you have had enough of the pretty and the “slightly dangerous” but are you ready to take on El Camino de la Muerte? Yungas Road or the El Camino de la Muerte, ‘Road of Death’ is a 43-mile long road that connects La Paz and Coroico, in Bolivia. Infamous as the “world’s most dangerous road” with extreme drop offs of 2,000 ft, no side guardrail and only the width of a single car, it is estimated that nearly 200 to 300 people are killed every year on this road. To make the journey even more of a hazard it is often muddy, covered with rocks from landslides and very foggy with low visibility. This is no ordinary road; this is a death trap.


Craziest Uk Pavilion Studio By Heatherwick Studio

The Seed Cathedral is a 20-metre high building, constructed from 60,000 transparent 7.5-metre long optical strands, each of which has embedded within its tip a seed. The interior is silent and illuminated only by the daylight that has filtered past each seed through each optical hair; a quiet space in which to contemplate this formidable collection of the world’s botanical resources.


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