12 Insane and Craziest Hairstyle from around the world

This gentleman is an inspiration. Not simply because he has the most epic hairstyle ever—elephantiasis of the hair!—but because it inspired me to research the wackiest hairstyles ever posted on the internet. Here are 11 more that blew my trunk, er, mind.
My only question: are they double-stuffed?
She’s nesting!
Who’s ready to take off?
Something tells me this tune is a bit over the top.
Look at that lattice work!
This woman’s locks are 19 feet and 6.5 inches of AWESOME.
Redneck eyes in the back of his head.
A curtain of crimping.
He’ll never leave home without his hat again!
Someone has a little hair on her lip
Finally, a use for all those empty paper towel rolls!

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