10 Most Strange and Crazy Beards

Pac-man beard.
Braided beard
Halo beard
Knitted beard.

All the way to the chest beard.
Icy beard.

Craziest Eyebrow Fails Ever

Eyebrows are one of those small details you don’t usually notice at a person, except when it’s gone or has a totally different shape that it should. It’s interesting to note that a lot of these photos appear to be mugshots. Apparently committing crime and eyebrow-murder go hand in hand. So here are the worst female eyebrows you could come across!

Crazy Fashion Looks Ever

Fashion has always been a bit strange and unusual. Artists and fashion creators were always trying to find the strangest and most original expression and new ways to shock the public. Have a look at this great collection of the weirdest fashion creations. Some of them are not so successful.

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