10 Most Wonderful Gadgets From Future

Technology changes day by day and everyday brings something new in the market. I was searching on the internet and found some amazing gadgets. I have compiled a list of these amazing gadgets. Many of these won’t be in the market today but may be later they will be actually adored by thousands of customers.

So here is the list of amazing gadgets:

1 – Rubber Mobile

This mobile have simple shape, it’s a brick but it’s so thin like a candy bar. Its body is totally rubberized in a bright color. Keypad is slightly angled and haves 4 mega pixel camera. It has stereo speakers also, so that you can enjoy your favorite music tracks.

2 – Optimus Tactus Touch Keyboard Should Be Called Optimus Retardus

Optimus Tactus is having extruded shape, touch surface keyboard concept. Though yet it’s not released but it will be liked by musicians, artists and video editors. It possesses solid LCD tablet displays.

3 – Costume Samsung 2.5 inch HDD for Women

Costume Samsung

The Costume Samsung 2.5-inch hard drive is being inspired by make-up compact. This product is made only for women. This drive easily fits in the palm of your hand and also can be placed in the purse easily.

4 – Curved iMac Concept

The most outstanding feature of Curved iMac Concept is its curved screen. Though yet it’s not launched in the market but in near future it will be seen in the market.

5 – F1/Carbon GMT Concept Watch

F1/Carbon GMT Concept Watch is definitely a beautiful gadget. This watch is in carbon fiber body, Swarovski crystals, rubber and metal into this timepiece which features 18 identical rubies while watching the time on the 2008 F1 circuit. In other features it haves built-in lap timer function and a stopwatch.

6 – Canvas by Kyle Cherry

It’s simply called “Canvas” and it’s designed by Kyle Cherry. This computer is designed for enhancing the quality and productivity of the designer.

7 – E-Paper Slap Bracelet

Almost everybody have seen the slap bracelets usually made of thin piece of aluminum wrapped in fabric. Using same thing, Chocolate Agency came with a mini multimedia device that is a head from normal bracelets. It’s entire surface is E-Paper and it’s thin with high contrast and power efficient qualities. Best thing about this slap bracelet is that it doesn’t need any recharging because it gets all the power it needs through kinetic energy.

8 – Atlas Kinetic Cell phone

Atlas Kinetic Cell phone is all made of aluminum and glass. It gets power from kinetic energy like watches works on kinetic energy.

9 – Eizo C T-One – Both a Mouse & Remote Control

Some people use laptop infront of the TV and use 2 controllers at one moment: a mouse and a remote control.

Eizo C T-One is wireless mouse but also performs nine TV remote control functions including power, channel up/down, volume up/down, broadcast switching, input switching, and also picture-in-picture. As a mouse, it have a range of about 10 meters and operates on the 2.4 G Hz wireless band.

10 – Tiny USB Webcam

If you don’t like the combo cams then here is the small model web camera. This tiny USB cam has the following features:

Compact size for notebook
USB Retractable Cable
Clip mount for notebook
Video Conferencing
Compatible with ICQ, MSN, Skype, etc.
Plug & Play
Fully support USB 1.0 and 2.0
Video Frame rate: 30 frame per second
Pixels: 5,000,000
Auto Focus
Driver Free for Windows XP SP2 and Vista
Support MAC

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12 Most Wonderful Sofas

1 Pixel Sofa

The fabric for the Pixel Sofa has been picked up by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat, based off of a concept by Cristian Zuzunaga, a Royal College of Art graduate. The contemporary couch is sure to grab everyone's attention by virtue of its wide spectrum of colors.

2 Swimming Pool Sofa

This intriguing concept sofa design was made for an advertisement campaign of Piscine Castiglione, a swimming pool design firm.

3 Bocca Sofa

The iconic 1970 lip-shaped sofa is based on Salvador Dali's famous Mae West sofa of 1936. The erotic lips of this great Hollywood actress inspired DalĂ­. A special installation by the master shows the image of the face of May West. It's available only in red, of course.

4 Coliseum Sofa

Created in the shape of the famous Roman Coliseum, this sofa seems like a confortable rest place for gladiators.

5 Coffin Sofa

Call them coffins or couches, this pieces of furniture are worth $4,500 each. Designed using recycled 18 gauge steel coffins; the raw material was gathered from local funeral homes based in Southern California. Against the health and safety law that doesn't allow funeral homes to resell used coffins, these coffins were sold to public as the idea of recycling sound quite interesting. They cannot be used for burial purpose.

6 Tiger/Cow Sofa

Rodolfo Rocchetti of "Tappezzeria Rocchetti", a master upholsterer from Rome, made this incredibly creative pieces of furniture.

7 The Double Decker Sofa

Where do you want to sit? Napoleon versus Napoleon 1999, by Kuno Nuessli in collaboration with Sven-Anwar Bibi.

8 Harrod's Stuffed Animals Sofa

This fun couch made of stuffed animals is displayed at one Harrods store.

9 Sila, The Yoga sofa

The word Sila is a yoga expression, which means to sit cross-legged. The design intends to bring the tranquility of meditation to a modern, dynamic environment. Sila was created by Eridani Saleh with the desire to create a piece of furniture that is grand and dramatic, which represents the solidity of traditional construction and practice while offering a playfulness and new type of relaxation.

10 Wave Seat Sofa

Remember the story about Goldilocks and the 3 bears? While the bears were out, she helped her way into their house trying everything until she found the perfect fit. In hindsight she was on to something. We all want products designed custom just for us. The Wave Seat, by Jung Hoon Rhee, eludes to this old axiom and makes it possible thru the magic of nanotubes.

11 Songololo Sofa

The Songololo Sofa was created by Haldane Martin, a south african furniture design company based in Cape Town. Their furniture pays close attention to its sustainability, using green materials and processes whenever possible.

12 Groovy Banana

Yohanan Siskindovich's rocking couch design looks almost as fun as its wildly entertaining name, Groovy Banana. Siskindovich throws in the ol' "magazine rack" bonus feature, but we'd also shove blankets, books, dog toys, remotes, or even younger siblings in there--bring 'em along for the ride. A roll-up pod pad sits atop the Banana as to provide the utmost comfort whilst you rock.

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