Crazy Facebook Dress

Wonderful dress made by Romanian fashion designer Lana Dumitru looks like a Facebook profile page.

The girls who are brave enough to wear this memorable dress in public will get plenty of “likes” and “comments”.

Craziest Photos of Bicycle Couriers

French artist Alain Delorme broke the rules of documentary genre by enhancing images in Photoshop to present us how Chinese workers transport unbelievable piles of items on their bicycles in Shanghai.

15 Craziest Shark Inspired Products

The most unusual and creative shark inspired products from all over the world.

Shark Life Jacket

Unique personal flotation device with a flexible shark fin on the back.
Shark Pizza Cutter
Shark Fin Ice Tray
Shark Sleeping Bag
Shark Shoes
Shark Lamp
Shark Robe
Shark Watercraft
Shark Hoodie
Shark Tent
Shark Oven Mitt
Shark Swimsuit
Shark Tea Infuser
Shark Hat
Shark Socks

10 Coolest Internet Tattoos

Like Me Tattoo
SEO Facebook Tattoo
Twitter Whale Tattoo
Social Network Tattoo
MySpace Tattoo

Android Tattoo
Yahoo Tattoo
Knuckles Internet Tattoo
Follow Me Tattoo
iGoogle Tattoo

12 Weirdiest Plastic Surgery Makeovers

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