10 Cool and Crazy Fish Tanks

World's Smallest Fish Tank

This is the world's smallest working aquarium - which holds just two tea spoons of water. The miniature wonder, which is made of glass and measures just 30mm wide by 24mm high and 14mm deep, can be held in the palm of your hand. And it is so small there is only room for these tiny zebra fish. The extraordinary creation is the latest by Anatoly Konenko, from Omsk, in Russia.

iMacquarium Fish Tank Built with iMac G3

 iMacquarium is a very unique fish tank made by Jake Harms. As we can see from the images, the aquarium is modified by a recycled iMac G3 all-in-one personal computer. All the impressive hardware components at that time have been removed in order to leave enough space to hold your beautiful fishes in the innovative translucent plastic enclosure.

Custom Fish Tank made from a Telephone Booth

Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino have transformed a regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium for the Lyon Light Festival in France.

Fish Aquarium Console Sink & Faucet

 Intalbrass’ Moody Aquarium Sink will liven up boring routines like washing hands and brushing teeth. It is really a functional aquarium. The tank is watertight and sits on a chrome finish brass stand with an integrated towel rail in the front. Access for feeding and tank maintenance is through the two soap dishes on either side of the sink. Water circulation, oxygenation and filtration are all delivered by the powerhead provided. It’s available for $4700.

Fish Tank Made from CRT TV

Ever wondered what to do with that ancient 26" wooden TV set laying around in yours or your grandparent's garage? Here's a perfect destination for it! Even if you don't have the old TV, it shouldn't be too hard to buy one for almost nothing, and in no time you can have your favorite program broadcasting all day long, with no commercials!

Incredible Zig-Zag Office Fish Tank

This picture shows what must be the most incredible office aquarium ever. The amazing zig-zag fishtank was installed in the call centre of the aptly named Freshwater Software company office in Boulder, Colorado. The tank, built in 2000, sadly no longer exists. Freshwater was bought out by another company which closed the offices in 2008. A former employee of the company, Christina Gillman, said on the eXtreme Aquatics Facebook page: 'This office was primarily used as a call center, so the tanks provided great background/white noise for us to conduct business.

 Car Fish Tank

In the Siam Ocean World in Bangkok, Thailand, there is a unique aquarium on display: a gigantic fish tank made out of … a car!. The doors to this car are welded shut just in case if any person thinks it funny to release that much water and fish onto the mall floor.

Fish Tank Toilet to Save Water

 A Chinese firm has come up with the perfect solution for pet-loving families who don't have the space to keep animals: the fish tank toilet.The cistern may look like an aquatic torture chamber, but it is actually completely safe, both for humans and the fish. The toilet has three separate tanks – one for water flowing in, one for water flowing out, and a third for fish and underwater plants - ensuring that the fish always have enough water to swim in, and are never sucked into the bowl.The firm behind the toilets say they are ideal for Chinese families seeking company for their only children, but without the room for a stand-alone fish tank or bigger pet.

iPond Portable Aquarium

 At first glance this little speaker/fish tank might look like an media player with a video of a fish on it, but if you watch long enough you’ll notice that the fish never leaves the screen, and it doesn’t shut off. The device is called the iPond and is being sold in Australia as a small portable aquarium complete with gravel on the bottom and a live fish. It also contains a speaker built into the bottom and a headphone jack to plug in your MP3 player, but some are complaining that this doesn’t leave a lot of room for the fish.

Thanko USB Fish Tank

This is a a multi functional USB powered fish thank that measures 230 x 100 x 140mm. The main space is large enough to hold your two or three beautiful goldfishes, while the integrated pump motor can help you purify the water in the fish tank via the quaint water faucet. But note, you have to connect the aquarium with your computer via USB port for the circulatory system. Apart from that, the multifunctional aquarium also comes with an alarm clock with LED backlight powered by 3 AA batteries, so you will never worry oversleeping in your office.


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